SURE 2 Quit Smoking

Sure2Quit, At long last !!  A  “SHOW ME HOW ” approach to Stop Smoking

At long last !!  A  “SHOW ME HOW ” approach to assist in smoking cessation. The Sure 2Quit method is a simple, hands on, interactive workbook approach to freeing ourselves of being addicted to nicotine.Sure2Quit* provides the best strategy and plan to assist you in becomeing a non smoker once more.



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The Sure2quit classes are designed as either group or individual sessions. The course is 3 sessions, each being 90 minutes long. There is one session a week. Your quit day is at the end of the 4th week.

The groups are anything from 1 -20 people, designed to allow for personal interaction, and a comfortable environment. You are among friends :)

During S2Q you will continue smoking, in a controlled manner until the end of the course, this  makes the landing a lot softer and no radical cold turkey on quit day.

There are no gimmicks or chemicals involved. You may even carry on with your NRT (nicotine replacement) if you wish to do so. It has been published by certain NRP companies that there is a 300 times greater chance of stopping smoking when using an NRT and a programme such as S2Q

S2Q is unique as we incorporate relaxation and Anchoring NLP techniques to help the subconscious in dealing with smoking cessation. For those who want it, we can integrate with supplementary Suggestion and other Holistic Wellness techniques.

S2Q is non medical, and does not offer medical advice. Consult your health care professional for medical matters

Contact us if you wish to become a councillor, or wish to offer this programme from your practice

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Trevor Henning

Principle Hypnosis Practitioner .Certified Hypnotherapist  (South African Institute of Hypnosis ) B.AltMed (BAMS)