Hypnosis Treatments Offered at the Progressive Hypnosis Centre

Phone: (27) 072 186  7987

E-mail: trevor@prohypnosis.co.za.

· Manage Anxiety

· Sleep Better

· Beat Depression

· Stop Smoking

· Lose Weight

· Letting go of the Past

· Letting go of a Person

· Improve your memory

· Improve concentration

· Stop Nail Biting

· Beat Exam Nerves

· Get your Mo-Jo working

· Sexual Concerns

Professional Services

· Sports Visualization

· Visualize Winning

· Visualize Perfection in Performance

Specialist Areas

· Past Life Regression

· Virtual Gastric Band Operations

· Forensic Hypnosis

Analytical Hypnosis. Past Life Regression. Virtual Gastric Band fitment, Training

Text Box: FAQ
* How many sessions do I need?
Depending on the person and condition this may vary. For most it is between 3 -5 sessions
*Please note we do not have a machine, payments in cash please, or EFT in advance .
*Is this covered by Medical Aid?
This is typically not covered by Medical Aid and payments must be made in full to the practice

For more information please visit :
S2q Girl

Trevor Henning

Principle Hypnosis Practitioner 

C.ht .Certified Hypnotherapist  (South African Institute of Hypnosis ) B.AltMed (BAMS)



Single Hypnosis Session


1 x 45min



R680 per session


Package of 3 Hypnosis sessions Paid in advance



3 x 45min



R1,600 for all 3 sessions included


Stop Smoking – Single rate

3 sessions plus 1 follow up


3 x 60 min

1 x 45 min



R1,800, covers all 3 sessions and follow up


Stop Smoking

Group rates



3 x 60 min

1 x 45 min

R1,200 per person (2 people)

R 900 per person (3 people)

R 750 per person (4-5 people)

Guided mediation

Group sessions

( Sunday Morning 10.30)

Min of 4 people


1 x 45 min


R120 per person